About us

Wisdom and Numbers (W&N) is a firm that focuses on owners, families, top leaders, government officials and their organizations to increase their efficiency through consciousness and their wealth through overall numeric precision and alignment.
The main benefit is that our customers learn how to integrate wisdom and wealth in all spheres of life. The holistic integration of everything that configures the individual and its surroundings.
The precise alignment from the numbers and strategies of the organization up to the needed wisdom to take the right decisions at the right time with the right knowledge is our work as a support to build up responsible and world-class organizations, and peak-performance leaders.
The growth of leaders and their organizations into a global expansion in which high uncertainty and unforeseeable risks are present and measuring them is not a simple task to accomplish, yet "Wisdom & Numbers" is here to contribute.
Wisdom and Numbers (W&N) is an exclusive consulting and advisory firm in the following areas:
Our mission is to develop and integrate the consciousness and wealth of individuals and organizations.
Our vision is to increase the consciousness and wealth of individuals and organizations in the world.
Values / Principles Grounds:
Build up deep connections with our associates, suppliers, and customers
- Harmonious Relationships 

Hold and improve the highest quality of professional standards
- Precision in all our work   

Act with full integrity in all areas of the firm 
-Transparency as our way   

Deliver with effectiveness the information of value needed by our customers 
- Precise execution of results  
- Timely solutions  

Innovation without rest
- Mobility as our working model
- Flexibility as our adaptability methods 

Shared responsibility throughout the firm 
- Commitment with all the groups of interest
- Social Impact
- Environmental Impact
- Corporate Governance
- Solid Government Relations
- Equality
Our purpose
As an advisory and consulting international firm, we focus on the increase of consciousness and wealth of individuals and organizations through precise strategies for their organizations and the deep techniques required for increasing their consciousness. 
We encourage our customers to dive deeper into their purpose and a more efficient way of contributing to this world and society. Beyond a balance between work and life, strive for a harmonious way of experiencing both. 

Our proposition
We care for the full integrity of our customers, from their inner to their social and professional relationships and development. An ethical and deep approach to work and life and all the techniques required for accomplishing this in harmony. We believe that the increase of wealth must come with a deeper sense of purpose, responsibility, and commitment through an increase in consciousness.

Our customers
For W&N, our collaborators and customers share a common ground and a shared responsibility.  From startups, to micro’s, small, medium and/or big organizations, we contribute not only with the right strategies for their responsible wealth growth but also for an applied wisdom in every decision.  W&N acknowledge and support these individuals that play a key role in the making of this world a better place through a more transparent and efficient way of negotiating and deciding.  We contribute for a more sustainable future and a more responsible way of deciding. A path of life with deeper meaning!  
W&N Founder
Our founder, Adad Chaul, is a man of ambitious goals and deep views whose clear common sense and in-depth analysis empowers others to take the most out of every situation and oneself. The support of a great team of experts sharing a common goal, “to serve efficiently” and the flexible methods and straightforward advise is what makes “Wisdom & Numbers” an outstanding world-class firm.
If you're ready for the next level of responsible world-class organizations, the level of “Wisdom & Numbers”, do not hesitate to contact us.
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